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Chemistry Lab

Chemistry, Physics & Biology Laboratory

Oxbridge School, Mander 

Facilities in Chemistry Lab

i) We have Electronic Weighing Machine

ii) We have concealed gas line and safety devices, First-aid kit etc.

iii) Besides, we have apparatus used for Chemistry practicals.

Facilities in Biology Lab

i) We have Composite Microscope to observe samples and organisms closely.

ii) There are many specimens to observe.

iii) Besides, we have charts, models, etc.

Facilities in Physics Lab

i) Flat-topped levels are used as student-work situation.

ii) Equipments ranges from Lens, Magnet, Spring Balance, Prism, Voltmeter, Ammeter, and Rheostat.

iii) We have Smart Boards.

iv) Spacious lab accomodates students comfortably.


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